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Fall Bed Clean Up - Fall Mulch - Annual Core Aeration

- Turf Edging - Tree & Shrub Root Feeding

- Leaf Clean Up

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-Fall Bed Clean Up Includes: Removal of weeds, leaves,

debris & spent annuals, shrub trimming,

cutting back perennials & ornamental grasses.


-Fall Mulch is important to the health & vitality of your landscape.

It retains moisture, protects roots from cold weather,

breaks down into organic nutrients &

makes the beds look nice going into the winter season.

Our Fall Mulch Service Includes: a light layer of mulch 1 - 2" deep.


-Annual Core Aeration is a beneficial treatment the improves

the overall health & appearance of your lawn.

It breaks up compact soil, clay soil, reduces thatch build up &

promotes healthy roots for a healthy lawn.


-Turf Edging creates a clean edge of grass

along the driveway & walkways.


-Tree & Shrub Root Feeding builds up the microbiological

life around trees & shrubs, supporting

healthy root development & greater nutrient

uptake from the soil resulting in healthier,

more robust trees & shrubs.




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