Mosquito Control
Perimeter Pest Control
Flea & Tick Control
Mole Control

Relax. Reduce nuisance pests outdoors and indoors.

Mosquito Control

Our 6-Step Mosquito Control program is designed to work within your property boundaries to eliminate adult mosquitos and reduce the breeding population for several weeks proceeding an application.

Perimeter Pest Control

This 4-Step program provides protection against crawling insects from entering your home. Service also includes Web Brushing to remove webs and nests from doorways, and 1st floor windows & eaves.

Mole Control

Moles are a vertebrate pest that cause unwanted damage to turf in pursuit of their main food source: earthworms. Our mole bait product effectively mimics the mole’s food source. 
Service consists of 2 visits: 1. Identify and bait active tunnels. 2. Follow up in 2 weeks to insure no new activity. Re-bait if needed.
We guarantee no new activity in treated area for up to 3 months. We can eliminate the mole but not prevent a new mole from moving in, therefore treatment may be necessary 2-3 times each year in wooded or heavily infested areas.

Flea & Tick Program

This 3-Step Program is applied to turf areas Late Spring, Mid-Summer and Early Fall to reduce populations of fleas & ticks in your lawn. 

Ant Bait Package

"To Your Doorstep!" Delivery of 3 Ant Bait Stations. Great for Kitchen, Bathroom or any indoor space where you have ants.

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