Applied to the exterior of your home to create a barrier preventing crawling insects from getting inside.

Includes web brushing to remove webs & nests from doorways & 1st floor windows & eaves. 

STEP 1   April - May     Spring warm-up brings active insects.

STEP 2   June - August   Continued control of summer crawling insects.

STEP 3   August - September   Control of mature late summer insects. 

STEP 4   October - November   Reduce the amount of insects inside seeking warmth.


Flea & Tick Control Program

3 applications applied to all turf areas, scheduled late spring, mid summer, & early fall,

to reduce populations of fleas & ticks as well as other nuisance insects.


2 Step Mole Control
Moles are a vertebrate pest that feed on red worms, night crawlers, & grub worms in the soil.
Mole activity is recognizable as lines of turf damage at the surface of the lawn.

STEP 1  Identify the mole’s active tunnels & insert bait into those tunnels.

STEP 2 Follow-up 2-3 weeks later to insure no new activity.  Re-bait if necessary.